Back with a bang with a Glitter lip!

Bang on trend with this amazing ruby red glitter lip I created recently for the lovely Helen for her 30th birthday party.

Glitter Lips in Ruby Slipper by Glitter Lips by  beauty boulevard.
Makeup Magic By Maressa Dunne 


Zuca Pro Artist & Pro Backpack Review

I was lucky enough to have been sent a Zuca pro artist case & a pro artist back pack from Santa this Christmas!

I have used a standard suitcase for my makeup kit and a large holdall for my hair kit for many years now and was excited to try something actually designed for makeup artist’s & hairstylists.

As the Zuca pro artist has such a fantastic reputation I had lusted after one for quite a long time.

Firstly upon inspection of my new toy I was surprised by the size of the Zuca Pro Artist! It’s seriously tiny!

Santa was unsure they had bought the correct thing when the elves delivered it! Surely Maressa wasn’t going to fit ALL that makeup inside this teeny tiny case!

Standing at 19.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide even I was also unsure I would fit my full kit inside! However upon closer inspection the Zuca Pro Artist is really a tardis in disguise! Literally a Mary Poppins bag of tricks.

Inside the box contained my new Zuca Pro Artist, 4 large pouches (2.76″D 6.75″W 11″L) 1 small pouch (2.5″D 7.75″W 11″L) plus a handy zuca travel bag to place your case in while traveling/flying.

The pouches are flat easily stackable with transparent tops and customisable labels handles they are Huge and hold so much product!

I have the small full of my skin care in the wheel base.

Foundations 2 different textures in one large pouch

Concealers in 3 textures in one large pouch.

Pallets of Eyeshadows x4 Pallets of Blushers x4, Bronzer Pallet x1 all in one large pouch.

Powders x 2 different types all in one large pouch.

I then have lashes, mascara’s, liquid liners, eye and lip pencils & lip pallets in 4 of my own separate clear bags (from M&S) they sit nicely down the side of the case along with the stacked pouches.

Disposables, lash curlers, nappy sacks for rubbish all tucked into the inside zippered pocket.

I’m amazed at how much you can stuff into this thing!

Then on to my Pro Artist Backpack!

This bag is massive! Seriously huge at 16″ x 14″x 9″ but it has two large padded straps and great even weight distribution. You could carry this bag for a long long time before it starts to pull on your shoulders. I love the fact that it is designed to be used with the Zuca Pro Artist and has two clips to hold the bag onto the cases pull handle. Yes that’s right no more swinging kit bags!

Inside it has multiple pockets and sections plus two large utility pouches and a side heat resistant pocket perfect for popping hot tongs/straighteners/wands into fast.

Inside I have organised everything so
I have all my hair products in one large pouch. My brushes, combs, scissors in another large pouch.

Then my straighteners and curling wand in the heat proof side pocket.
My doughnuts and hair inserts in a M&S bag stacked on top of the pouches along with my hair grips and pins.

My hair dryer is secured the the top of the backpack with its own special cradle & strap which is adjustable and fits most hair dryers. My large can of hairspray is just laid inside the bag.

All my sectioning clips are secured to the front static elastic straps and are really easy to access now.

I think the fact the back pack has a strap to keep the front door open while your working is fantastic,everything is so easily accessible all the time.

My so happy now as my kit is now small enough to fit in the boot of my car! Something that has been impossible for years (silly small boot on my Peaugeot 206) and amazingly fits through out baby stair gate!
Yes It’s that compact!

The Zuca Pro Artist is so easy to transport and since the carry handle is central and the case is small it has a natural centre of balance its easy to carry up stairs with my backpack slung on my back. It’s also got polyurethane wheels to so makes for a stealthily silent ride amazing for a 5:30am call time :p

*The review has no direct connection with the Züca company I am not affiliated with them in any way*





Makeup Magic

I have been working in the makeup industry since 2002 and have worked with hundreds of different people from female rugby players to royalty to help them create and achieve that perfect makeup look.

I have been specialising in bridal and beauty make up for 10 years and have a BTEC National Diploma in Fashion, Theatre, Media & Beauty Makeup. I also am a NVQ Level 2 hairdresser.

Back to brides :)

Today’s stunning bride Pearl!

Bringing out the brows with Embark
Eyeshadows: All that glitters,Cork, Embark, Sketch & Carbon.
Black track fluid line & boot black.
Cheeks: Raisen & Ambering Rose
Pro long wear concealer & foundation.
Studio fix powder to finish.
Kittenish lipstick.
Zoom lash in zoom black.
Number 7 eyelashes.

All products from MAC Cosmetics



Beautiful Bridesmaids

Think about the total look you are going for when planning your big day.
Do you want a uniform look? Or are your bridesmaids showing off their own styles? When creating this trio of bridesmaids I took into consideration each clients facial structure as well as their personalities to create tailor made looks for the individual.